Sunday, July 19, 2015

Velocity Toys tea Set

Children's Tea Set

IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! I received this tea set. It is so lovely!! The tiny cups are pink and

white spotted gingam and flowered on the outside with tiny delicate handles and a light gold color on the inside of the cups.

Each cup came with al matching saucer and a bit larger dainty plate.
The crowning glory is the teapot itself! In proportion to the rest of the set, it sat in the middle like a mother with her children all around her. All these pieces can be stacked and carried on a matching square tray.

The entire set is made of metal and is painted with nontoxic paint and metals, so it can act
Be filled with water or tea and drank out of! It is a lovely gift for any child. I put this in my classroom kids' kitchen. It didn't take much for them to notice the new set and squeals of discovery came from every direction!  They took turns sipping and pouring tea at each of the recesses and no one wanted to go outside! What a wonderful addition to our classroom!  Thank you for bringing such joy!

We have since had a Teddy Bears picnic and a princess and prince  tea!  
A fairy and ogre tea is scheduled for the end of summer school!! 

The seller said/:

Product Description
  • Flower Springtime Children's Kid's Full Metal Durable Pretend Play Toy Tea Set
    Comes w/ Cups, Tea Pot, Plates, Tray (Pattern Styles May Vary)
    Full Metal Construction, Great for Indoor and Outdoor Play
    Perfect Toy to Bring Children Together to Play!
    Approx. Tray Dimensions: Length: 9.5", Width: 6"

 I received this tea set at a reduced price in exchange for this review. You can get yours at:


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