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Zenith by Matthew Coleman
Zenith by Matthew Coleman 

I promised myself that I would read more this summer like I had when I was younger. My sister and I would walk to the local library, about two to three miles, and we would spend some time looking for books to take home and read. The library was one of the few places and one of the first public places to have air conditioning. So it was so easy to spend hours on end there. 
First we would go to the Summer Reading report desk and get our booklets to record what we read, author and a brief summary of the book. If you were a beginning reader, you would go to the Summer Reading librarian and she would listen to your summary, ask you questions about the books and record them for you.  She would also suggest higher or lower level books while I would stand quaking and wish it was over. Then she would place some sort of sticker on the face of your booklet, depending on the theme of the Summer Reading Program.  One year it was bricks because they were planning to build a new library and each book was each brink that built your library on the cover. 

For reading a certain number of books, the readers would get a reward, which was a paper certificate that said you participated in the Library's Summer Reading Program, and you were invited to see the movie of that summer. One year, it was Davy Crockett. Another year, Daniel Boon, or whatever Disney came out with.You wouldn't go to the theatre. Oh no! You watched it right there in the library. You got your Reading Club booklet to keep forever and to show your next fall's teacher what you did all summer.
So my sister and I would take out books. Not one or two, but maybe 10 to l5 to read over until next week. Carrying them home was a heavy load that we did not complain about because we loved those books so much. So we would trudge home, sweating all the way and when we got home, put our books on our desks, and begin to read and report to our mother what the librarian had to say.
I loved Flicka Ricka and Dicka and Snip Snap and Snur. I read the entire series and longed to go to the big kids section to read Life With Father, and so many other books that were "above my level".  That was our summer, besides washing windows, walls, and helping with canning fruit and vegetables. Ahhh memories! Those times were so simple and without much worry.
Well this year, my books came to me.  I mean I was given a book to review called Zenith by Matthew Coleman.
Zenith is the third book in a series which "chronicles The Journey of an Arcanist".
 " The young warrior Ruen continues in his search for an ancient mythical people while unbeknownst to him his wife and friends lie in the clutches of murderous mad-woman. The tempermental sorcess Dyshera has a plan to free them all but it may end up costing her more than she is willing to give. Meanwhile, the justice seeking Callum is finally ready to return home bringing an army with him with which to destroy a nation".

Zenith is a fast moving book of about 350 pages.  It takes you in very quickly, and if you have not read books one and two, you still can catch up to speed and you are able to follow the story.  There are a few instances where one has to conclude that this refers to something that you can dismiss as being in a previous book without derailing the plot.  It is good summer reading of a journey to find a mythological people, somewhat as the journey of a certain hobbit, but with a different path, and with a very different, but no less noble goal.

The first book in this series by Matthew Coleman is entitled:  Aurora Here begins the fantasy with Kronis suddenly appearing in the peaceful land of the mages of Loshiar where he instigates a war only to harvest the souls of the dead soldiers. Kronis' strength comes from gathering these souls unto himself.

The second book in this fantasy is Ascension. This is the story of two men who go on separate journeys with very different outcomes. They do not realize that their lives are being manipulated by a woman by the name of Dyshera who plays a major role in book three, #Zenith.

Zenith and the other two books would certainly be enjoyed by anyone who likes fantasy and the magic within fantasy.  

As for me, I think I have found my other two books to read this summer.  Matthew Coleman has stolen my interest as I delve into Aurora and Ascension. A great way to spend the summer, in fantasy.

This book was given to me for free or a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.

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