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Teachers!!! This the most exciting Bug Adventure Kit I have ever seen.  It has everything you need to make entomologists out of your students.  It has a vacuum gun for suckingup bugs into the case inside of the vacuum. Although it looks like a gun, a little disuassion can be used to help them see it as a tool and not a weapon.  It lights up with "night vision" which is lighting that will help them see at night, like a flashlight. Moms would also love this vacuum for getting those bugs she doesn't like to deal with and doing it with good face in front of the kids!!

It has three containers for carrying the insections. One film canister size carrier with a magnification lid.  A scoop with a scissor handle for doing just that, scooping. A large container that could hold onto a small frog.  It comes with a pair of plastic tweezers for further examination of whatever one catches and might need to be turned over.  To top it off, it has a wrist watch compass to help the little scientists find their way home. 

This is the most complete kit I have ever seen! It can be augmented with a few sheets or a book on insects that would help the students identify the bugs and stay away from those that may be dangerous.  A good warning about the insects that could harm them is a necessary thing before they go on safari to keep them safe.

 Here is a video I put together to help you get a better idea of what this kit contains:


I would put at least one of these kits in every classroom, in every home.  It will plant a seed for the budding scientists in your life.  It is educational as well as fun. It makes science fun!  You or your school can get a kit 

It is well worth it. #KidsBugAdventureKit

The Bug Keepers, Net, Tweezers, Compass

This kit was given to me for free or a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review and 100% my opinion. 

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