Wednesday, August 12, 2015

 I'm adventurous. You give me the name so something or something or someone and I'm game to finding out what or who or how.  So it is with me and the latest "thing" out there. When I saw NFC codes, I had no  idea what I was about to discover, I just said, "ooooo look at all the pretty colors".
NFC cards are more than pretty colors. NFC stands for Near Field Communication device, or card, or tag. They can contain information such as what would be on a business card,  directions to your business, the web address, coupons, discounts, etc. The NFC card can be read by devices that have a NFC reader/writer in them, like a smart phone or tablet. Your phone or tablet has to have the capability to handle NFC. Then you download an app such as NFC Launcher which will direct you on what you want to put on the tag. When the tag is made, it can be held up to your phone or another's phone to transfer information, like your business website or address and it is safely in a phone rather than on a card that someone can easily loose or throw away. It is akin to two smart phones being held up to each other to transfer information. 

I tried it on my android tablet, but an error message let me know my tablet was not set up for this action. I  was downloading NFC Launcher App and afterward let me know it could not be used. 

Now the people from Case4Fun who so generously sent me these cards are freaking out, because,  I can't show you exactly what they do.  But do not despair, my son, Gabriel will use these smart tags with his phone. Sorry, I thought it would work. :( 

You can buy empty NFC card, program them, write on them and pass them to whomever wants the information or to whom you want the information to go. They are sold on Ebay and many tech stores.

The sellers, Case4Fun say:

Case4fun Practical and High Capacity NFC Tags!

Our Topaz NFC tags are higher capacity NFC tags that are compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones. With more memory, you're able to program each NFC tag to perform more actions.

Features:Colorful- Easily distinguish between tags with our gorgeous range of vivid colors.
Memory- 480 bytes of writeable memory (almost 300% more memory than NTAG203 NFC tags!)
Durable- Built with sturdy Epoxy, Case4fun are built to last.
Programmable- Capable of supporting a huge array of different functions, you can easily rewrite your NFC tags time and time again!
Water-resistant- Leave them outside or simply get them wet. They'll stack up.
Lockable- Locking tag will protect data by making the tag read-only. Tags cannot be unlocked once they are locked.
No batteryrequired

Compatible with all NFC devices.
Tags cannot be affixed to metal surfaces. If you stick them to metal, tag behavior will either be erratic or not work at all.

I got my NFC tags at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, unless otherwise stated are my own.  If you want to get your own NFC tags and start connecting! go to:



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