Friday, August 21, 2015


               TWO MEOWS CAT MAT
We love our cat. Her antics, her frenzies, her I'm a princess poses, the way she gets us to do what she wants when she wants. But there is that ONE thing, that we all have to deal with that isn't so cute....the litter box.  

Spoiler alert! This is bad, so if you are of the weak, you might want to skip it.  It came down to this. The kitty litter on the carpet was okay, we vacumned that up. The litter she carried on the couch, on HER blanket, alright, she had to deal with it. BUT the kitty litter on the comforter on the bed, when my husband flipped and fluffed the blankets before getting in bed, (don't ask, it's just one of those habits, that you say, okay the cat's behaviors) when I was in it one night, the litter flying all over landing in my face in my mouth and crunched on by my teeth. THAT, DEAR READ, THAT was it. We had to do something. Either break my husband from 'fluffing' or keeping litter from getting on the bed. Kitty wasn't going to change. My husband wasn't going to change....It was me who had to make a change!

NO, I didn't leave. I heard about Two Meows Cat Mat, ordered and tried it. Eureka!!, Hooray, IT WORKS!!!  Miss Princess' little paws dropped the little pieces of sand, litter and an occasional loaf she happened to step on and carry out of the box, right onto the mat.  I am calling for the Nobel Peace Prize for the people who invented this!! 

The seller says: Two Meows Cat Litter Mat:  Our cat litter mat is a cute paw shape and is very effective and reducing cat litter scatter. It's been well received and we're looking to further our exposure. Use it by your litter box. You'll be ordering the grey color. 

The benefits to our litter mat is:

1. It's extremely effective at reducing the amount of litter scatter around your box.
2. It reduces the amount of litter that gets tracked in your carpet and furniture.
3. Very simple to clean, just fold in half and dump litter back into the box. You can also sweep it and rinse it.
4. It's very soft on your cats paws.
5. It's fun to use.
6. We back our product with a 100% satisifaction guarantee

I got my mat at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review. You can get yours if you go to:

Oh come are wondering how it tasted, right? people are bad. lol

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