Tuesday, August 25, 2015

iTeacher Book

iTeacher Book 

I looked at what this contains online. I did not realized, as I should have, that the "i" mean APPLE. Now I wish that they made this for android. Boy do I wish they did. It has so many things included that you usually take about good day or so to set up in your classroom.  It can be set up in an hour or so. Yes. In an hour or so, if you have the information, class list, schedule, grading, calendar with reminders etc.  I am an Android user, only because I got a generic Android and as far as I can tell nothing like this exists in Android format. Enjoy you APPLES enjoy!

The seller says:
Back-To-School: Start it Smart with iTeacherBook!
iTeacherBook announces giveaway contest: 30 promo codes for iPhone/iPad version will be given for free to the winners. See details below!
You are a teacher and you look forward to your upcoming academic year. You have fresh ideas that you would like to present in the classroom and you feel excited about meeting your students after the long summer break. Or maybe you are only starting the teaching career and can only wonder what amazing discoveries await you in the classroom, how students will accept you, whether you charm their way into their hearts. You will worry about their progress and celebrate their achievements as your own.
Be prepared and armed, you know it will never be easy. Ideal teachers are myths and ideal students never existed, the educational process should be flexible and very well organized to yield its fruits. iTeacherBook helps you grow closer to you most challenging students and lets you stay much more organized. 
With iTeacherBook you are mobile and flexible, all the information about your students and their progress is always on you, tracking students’ progress and academic development is much easier now. 
Create and edit lesson plans right within the app, manage your daily schedule (even online classes), see integrated schedule from Calendar App and plan additional activities with students not messing with your personal matters (you still have your life, don’t you?!).
Get your iTeacherBook copy now!


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