Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kazzo Fitness Ball


I got this fitness ball to exercise with and it IS fantastic.
It is just the right size HUGE and has a double thickness so it won't break when sat upon.  It has made exercizing so much more fun.  It comes with a two-way air pump (in and pump out).  I used to laugh when I saw people exercizing with these huge balls. Not any more. I can see why they do it. It is great. Exercizing with it makes my arthritus muscles loosen up and I feel better the rest of the day.

The seller says:
   Product Description
EXTRA-THICK, PREMIUM QUALITY BALL - Unlike inferior gym balls that are too thin and flimsy, our high quality ball with extra-thick walls provides maximum resistance and durability - perfect for toning your abs, thighs, and more.

ANTI-SLIP TEXTURE -- Never worry about your ball slipping and sliding around while you're trying to workout. Our ball uses an anti-slip texture to help keep the ball in place during your workout.

NON-TOXIC - PHTHALATE FREE - Our premium exercise ball uses Eco-Friendly PVC that is 100% non-toxic and free of Phthalates

ADD VARIETY AND FUN TO YOUR WORKOUT -- An exercise ball, also known as a physioball, swiss ball, yoga ball, stability ball or gym ball -- has a variety of unique and fun uses for all ages. Popular for strengthening your core (abs and back), improving posture and balance, strength training, and more. Perfect for Physical Therapy.

Tired of flimsy fitness balls that either pop easily or are too thin to provide enough resistance to gain the fitness results you want? Then you'll be absolutely thrilled with our premium-quality, extra thick anti-burst fitness ball.

Unlike other fitness balls made from thin, low quality materials, our exercise balls are designed with thick walls for added support and longevity. Not only that, but the material used is non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you can feel great about purchasing.

* Use to gain a strong core, as well as improve balance, posture and flexibility.
* Assists with rehabilitation. Great for physical therapy.
* Basic foot pump included for free with purchase. (a great workout right from the start... ;)
* 65cm size is recommended for those 5'5" to 6' tall
* Can be used with a ball stand in order to make a chair.
* For best performance, you may want to re-inflate your new ball once or twice after the initial inflation.
* If you want a durable, premium quality anti-burst fitness ball, then you'll love our extra thick exercise balls made from non-toxic PVC material

I really enjoy this ball.   I got my ball at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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