Sunday, August 2, 2015

Oakley Sunglass Lens Replacement

Replacement Lenses for Oakley Frames by Seek Optics Inc.

Recently I received a package of replacement lenses for my son's Oakley Sunglass frams from Seek Optics, Inc. I have never been so pleased in a lens replacement than I am at this moment in my life, Usually it is extremely costly and the wait is forever. You know the kind of wait where you even forget you had the frames by the time it arrives.  Well these frames came so quickly and are just as high quality as the lens the glasses orginally came with.  

Oakey Glasses say:

Product Description
Our lenses are specifically and precisely cut to fit perfectly into Oakley frames. Our REVO mirror coating, besides giving your sunglass lenses color, brilliance, and style, also protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. The REVO reflective mirror changes color dramatically depending on light and angle. REVO mirrored lenses provide an sharp look that will make any frame stand out!
Each lens is finished with several specialty coatings exclusive to Seek Optics. No other manufacturer provides a stronger Anti-Scratch Hard Coating to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes. Our signature Element repellant nano-coating protects your lenses from water, oil & dust, providing the clearest, unobstructed vision during water or land sports while at the same time providing added protection against micro-scratches and wear and tear. The lenses are manufactured in 100% polycarbonate, one of the strongest and safest materials on the market. They can even withstand the impact of steel ball traveling at 100 mph (160 km/h) without shattering and so they are particulary recommended for active people. Polycarbonate lenses are 10x stronger than ordinary lenses and 25% thinner & lighter. Don't be fooled by cheap plastic, CR-39 or TAC lenses. Seek optics Polycarbonate lenses are the safest choice to protect your vision.
My son has never been so happy with his sunglasses. The last time he was this happy is when they were brand new. If your need to replace your lens go to:

I received my lenses for a reduced cost in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.  

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