Sunday, September 6, 2015

Detangling Hairbrush.

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If you have hair that is thick and somewhat curley, or if you have a child with this kind of hair, THIS IS THE BRUSH you have been looking for. Thick hair, thin hair, curley or straight this brush is the one that will get tangles out of wet or dry hair. It is almost magical that way it works. It has "bristles" that are made of plastic, and are squiggly, a shape I've never seen in a hairbrush before. It is as if the squiggly bristles, going every which way, and that is what untangles the hair. Even in the midst of one tangle after another, it gets all the snarls out. All I can say is: IT IS LIKE MAGICAL!

I don't use any other brushes. I threw them all  away and bought another brush just like it.  On the flip side of both brushes is a very handly mirror, just where you need it.

The seller says:

  • THIS HAIRBRUSH IS EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT IN A BRUSH! It has a superior design that makes this brush the perfect detangler for both wet and dry hair.
    KIDS REALLY LIKE THIS HAIRBRUSH. This is one of the few brushes around that does not make kids cry when styling their hair. So, it doesn't matter what age your children are because the brush is safe to use on all hair types. Also, they are sure to love the vibrant colors of the hairbrush's bristles.
    PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD WHEN HEADING OUT ON THE TOWN. The appeal of this hairbrush is its convenience in size. It's durable enough to handle the thickest of hair and yet small enough for a woman's purse.
    THIS HAIRBRUSH IS EASY ON YOUR HAIR and won't pull your hair out while using it. Also, the bristles are designed to reduce static and hair loss. It's great for everyone in the family regardless of age and hair type.
    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Order now with confidence knowing that your hair brush has a money back guarantee. So, why wait when you can add this awesome hair styling tool to your hair design product arsenal! It will become one of the most powerful weapons for eliminating frizz and detangling your hair.
I got my brush at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. 


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