Saturday, October 10, 2015

#47 Cake Decorating Fondant Set


47pcs Sugarcraft Cake Decorating Fondant

Mold Set


This is the most wonderful set for Cake Decorationgand Fondant that I have ever had.  It comes with about 15 picks to help with different decorative turns in decorating. It has several different molds in small, medium and large, flowers, stars, starfish, and more. I cannot wait to start decorating cakes using fondant and the mold sets and picks.

The seller says: Features:

  • - Crafted with high quality food grade ABS plastic material (FDA approved)
    - Totally 47pcs included, patterns cover many images like rose leaf, star, heart, carnation, daisy, sunflower, butterfly, etc.
    - Easy to handle and use, safe and clean, great for cake decorations
    - 100% brand new and high quality
-Material: high quality food grade ABS plastic material
-Package dimension: 8" (L) * 4" (H) * 5" (H)
-Weight: 450g / 0.99 lbs

Package Includes:
-Set of 3 Rose Leaf Cutters Plungers (1.14"/29mm, 1.34"/34mm, and 1.69"/43mm)
-Set of 3 heart Cutters Plungers (0.27"/7mm, 0.39"/10mm and 0.51"/13mm)
-Set of 3 Star Cutters Plungers (0.27"/7mm, 0.39"/10mm and 0.51"/13mm)
-Set of 3 Big Sunflower Cutters Plungers (1.77"/45mm, 2.16"/55mm and 2.75"/70mm)
-Set of 3 Butterfly Cutters Plungers (1.57"/40mm, 1.97"/50mm, 2.36"/60mm)
-Set of 3 Flower Cutters (0.87"/22mm, 1.57"/40mm, 2.44"/62mm)
-Set of 3 Carnation Cutters (1.97"/50mm, 2.16"/55mm, 2.36"/60mm)
-Set of 4 Daisy Cutters Plungers (0.51"/13mm, 0.87"/ 22mm, 1.1"/28mm and 1.38"/35mm)
-Set of 4 Flower Cutters Plungers (0.27"/7mm, 0.39"/10mm, 0.59"/15mm and 0.98"/25mm)
-Set of 4 Calyx Cutters (1.18"/30mm, 1.38"/35mm, 1.57"/40mm and 1.97"/50mm)
-Set of 14 pcs Tool Kit Double Ended Tools (Pink

I received this set at a discounted price in exchange for this honest review. You can get yours at



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