Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cold Bag Coffee Brewing


I knew it was done, but I didn't know how it was done. Then Cornucopia sent me these Cold Brew Bags and I found that it was just as easy if not easier than making hot brewed coffee or tea.
You put the ground coffee beans or loose tea into the bag and run cold water through it. Sometimes that is enough depending on how strong you prefer your coffee or tea. Most times you will leave the bag in the cold water and let it steep until it reaches the desired strength. In either case, you have some very good cold brewed beverages. You may then add ice to make it colder.
I prefer to brew my coffee and tea hot at first and then steep the coffee or tea in the bag with the ice added.
However you do it, these cold brew bags are amazing. They are made of very closely woven linen which will keep ground coffee and loose tea out of your cold beverage.  I hate hot beverages in summer. It just makes things hotter for me. Others swear that when they drink hot beverages in the summer, they eventually feel cooled by it. However you do it, I guarantee these bags will make your beverage even more wonderful.

The Seller says: Cold Brew Coffee Bag Filters are perfect for brewing refreshing cold iced coffee.

These Cold Brew Coffee bags can be used in an assortment of different sized containers such as cups, quarts, or gallons.

These Cold Coffee Bags come with 2 filters making it easy to make great Cold Brewed Coffee for large groups or for the office!

I received my coffee bags at a discounted price in exchange for this honest review.

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