Thursday, January 19, 2017


Getting back to what this blog started out to be....information, products and shares of teachers for teachers, I would like to post a little about EDSURGE.  If you have not heard of the Edsurge site, don't feel bad, I just happened to stumble upon it while reading about blogging!

Edsurge is a site that gathers all information having to do with education/teachnology and educating. Their focus is Education/Technology.  Their dashboard topics include: 

  • News -up-to-date: how schools are changing
  • Summits:Events around the U.S. for educators to come together with entrepreneurs toward the betterment of education
  • Jobs: Best available jobs in EdTech and Education
  • Higher Education: Latest trends/leaders in tech/ed Higher Ed
  • Product Reviews: Latest education/technology tools reviewed by teachers
  • Research: Latest education in how techology is being used in leading schools and districts
  • Consierge: How smart schools are finding the technology that best fits their schools
Signing up for this site is free and is kept current. I'm excited to have found this site; as I am a teacher, currently on a medical leave. This site as well as many others I plan to cover, offer one of the best way to keep up with trends in education. 


Happy Teaching Happy Learning!



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