Tuesday, January 10, 2017


                      A GIFT GUIDE

I am in the process of putting together a gift guide for Valentine's Day.  I had never put a gift guide together before and decided to visit blogs who have done gift guides to see what seems to be common to a good gift guide.  Here is what I found:

1) Guide should appeal to a certain group of consumers.
     If your blog or site usually speaks to crafters, diyers,
     bakers, etc. make sure your list caters to your audience.

2) Include a brief description of the suggested gift and
     a reason it might appeal to the recipient.

3) Include a good, clear picture of the item.

4) Be sure to include a working link to where they may
     purchase the gift.

5) Publish the gift guide with plenty of time for the buyers
    to find the items listed and make a purchase.

6) Advertize your gift guide on social media sites such as
    facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, goggle, etc. Again
    you may want to advertize your guide on sites that would
    attract buyers who may frequent that site.  You should consider
    posting your guide several times a week to several times a day
    in order to bring it before more readers or use a sight that will
    schedule and automatically do this for you, eg. Hootsuite

I invite you to return at the end of January to view my 2017 Valentines Day Gift Guide. I will also be
posting on my other two blogs as they cater to different audiences: crafters/creators on http://www.craftingawwwwe.blogspot.com
review site/general audience http://www.pittspeachpatchreviews.blogspot.com
and for teachers (here)

Feel free to comment below or contact me to help you with your gift guide.

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