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ADHD MY WARP SPEED MIND by Donalisa Helsley

MY WARP SPEED MIND by Donalisa Helsley
A Book On ADHD by Donalisa Helsley

 What a wonderful book!!  I wish I would have had this book when I was raising my children and a hundred times more during and after I received my teaching degree. This is a long-time in coming, especially needed book for parents, teachers and children and anyone who works with children. #mywarpspeedmind

Author, Donalisa Helsley, does an amazingly accurate job of writing what it is to be a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder AND to be a parent/relative of a child with ADHD AND to be a teacher of a student who has ADHD.  The illustrator, Kalpart, adds to this work of art by adding pictures that further enhance the messages of  Ms. Helsley's book.

She describes the life of a child with ADHD: They are very smart, but get in trouble for wiggling, jiggling, shouting out, running as fast as they can without regard for
clowning around
whomever might be in the way, forgetting homework, etc. She accurately calls the feeling of an ADHD child as having a "warp speed mind", but she does not leave us there. She gives helpful suggestions for adapting to this condition.

In trouble

  Drake,the ADHD child in the story, is told to think of himself as a super hero whose super power is ADHD and he controls it by taking long deep breaths, running off the extra energy before having to sit still, (calm down

Super Power Control of ADHD
In the principal's office

exercises) putting the things he needs to do and remember in a notebook or bulletin board; using keywords between adults and the child, like "warp speed" This tells the child that he/she needs to slow down, to stop and think and make better choices. 

She shows how Drakes goes to see a doctor and a psychologist who helps Drake understand himself and how to take control of his ADHD and not let the ADHD control him.  






This is an excellent book to share with a class who is trying to understand their classmates with ADHD. 

There is a section for parents as well as a section for teachers full of hints and organizations that can help a child with ADHD live a successfull life, to help him control his ADHD not the other way around.

You can get this wonderful book

This book was given to me as a gift in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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