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All those going away on vacation, raise you hand.  Yes, just as I thought, almost all of you teachers. Have you traveled before? Have you traveled safely? I mean have you secured all your valuables, credit cards, debit cards, passports and other documents?  Do you have a safe place to put your money and small jewelry? When I think about it, where do you put that stuff when you are teaching in school?  I know it's not a vacation, but it can get stolen there just as quickly, maybe faster, than when you are on vacation.

Recently I was offered, as a gift, a Moneybelt and RFD Passport Holder to try for security and safety and comfortableness from Merceylea International. At first I was reluctant because it IS summer and who wants to walk around with another layer on my body. But I went ahead.

The moneybelt and rfid passport holder is NOT a fannypack.  Fannypacks are bulky, hard to fit and difficult to conceal under your clothing.  They normally have one big zipper pocket.

The Moneybelt and RFID Passport hold is flat, very thin, but longer than most fanny packs.  It has flat pockets for credit cards and money zippered in, with each card in its own pocket and a separate pocket for a passport. The card/money section also has room for small jewelry.
 It has a canvas belt with a male and female click designed belt which would be vary hard for someone to loosen when it is closed and underneath the clothes.
When you go on vacation,  you should have this to put in all your valuables.  Without it, you could loose your id's, credit cards, passport and money. You would have no id and this alone could land you in jail for a day or a week or a month or more.  Not only does it spoil your vacation, but if you loose you identity, you could loose your life as you know it, forever.
I wore the money belt fully loaded for two weeks before writing this review. It was totally comfortable and did not over heat or leave marks on my highly sensitive skin. It only began to feel warm when we reached three digits on the thermometer. Still, it was fairly comfortable and any sweating or wetness that did occur did not penetrate the pouch. The packet is credit card protected so that no one can digitally lift your credit or debit or charge cards digitally  Yeay!! Totally SAFE. You can wear it under or over your clothes with very little jockeying to get you hands on your money or cards. The pouch comes in black or light blue. It is very well made of high grade materials.  A  few steps above most of the belts you see.

You can get one from or from Amazon.
sold by Merinte

I love mine. I use it when I travel and just about any day. I just love having everything that is valuable and connected to my identity safe and secure. I am thinking of giving up my purse. Purses are so easy to loose or have stolen. My purse is heavy, the moneybelt is not, and you carry only what you really really need.

 If you want to see more about this special Moneybelt you can watch this demonstration on YouTube:

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