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  Isn't He Sooooo Cute, I could just hug him up!


Harry the Bunny from BabyFirst TV is now available in a plush stuffed animal for children. On the television show he is host to babies and their moms all over the world. He introduces those important things that babies should be exposed to as they are growing up so that they will get the best nutrition, care and education.  Each show gives moms something different to think about and try with their babies.  Harry the Bunny website says:

"Come along and play with Harry, a curious 3 year old bunny who loves exploring fun new things. Harry invites young viewers to go on exciting adventures with him as he learns new words and concepts, and playfully teaches them too! By staying in his close environment, Harry explores things in his backyard, his bedroom and other fun places young ones can relate to. “Harry the Bunny” is an exciting new series that is sure to reach and entertain simultaneously."
 If you watch 'Harry the Bunny' with your child, 
Harry the Bunny
 Harry the bunny in your child's arms will bring a familiar sight to them.  He is soft, plush and baby safe. He is sewn very carefully to meet child safety criteria. He is made in China but meets United States Safety Standards. I examined him carefully and everything is tightly sewn so it will not come loose in your babies' hands or mouth. Even the front teeth are sewn securely.  His eyes, eyebrows and carrot on his bib overalls are embroidered into the cloth. The tail is tightly sewed on his cute little behind with many stitches.  The suspenders holding his pants up are sewed securely.  I played "tug of war" with him and they stayed secure to his pants.  His entire body is made of a polyester fleece which makes him so very cuddly soft.  He is stuffed with polyester.  Harry is 15 x 11 x 5.5 inches wide. Perfect for babies and toddlers.  He is so soft and cuddly.  YOU and your baby will love him!  You can get Harry the Bunny:

Of all the stuff animals that I have bought or seen over the years, Harry the Bunny is the very best as far as safety. The way it is sewn so carefully, so there is not a thread, seam or edge that a child could tear or chew off so quickly, that a parent would not see the wear and tear first and do something about it.

There are many other characters on BabyFirstTV, many of those are also done in the same quality Harry the Bunny.



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