Friday, August 7, 2015

Kovot Wine Glass

Kovot Extra Large Wine Glass

KOVOT Wine Glasses makes a wine glass that can hold a whole bottle of wine. They make "I only had one glass" into the real truth!!

I really LOVE my Kovot Wine Glass.  It is made of high grade glass, is without flaws and often is mistaken for crystal.It is great for red wines when you need the wine to breathe in order to enjoy its full experience of aroma, taste, and feel.  I have only one glass, but I think I will make the small investment to get another glass to share with special someones.
This is more closer to the size that they are.

For those of you who like to craft, like I do, it is perfect to paint, etch, faux stainglass, turn upside down into a snowglobe-like dome or terrarium. It is just nice to have on the shelf or near your bar as a conversation piece.  But for me, mine gets alot of use.  Well no, not alot of use. Not with wine. I'm not that big a drinker, but it is fun to fill with fruit smoothies as well. GET ONE, THEY'RE FUN!

 The seller says:

Product Description
Bring this KOVOT XL Wine Glass to your next party or dinner and wow guests with its outstanding capacity. This wine glass holds a whole bottle of wine! Sharing is of course is optional. This hand-crafted piece of drinkware measures at 9" tall. Also great for use as a centerpiece filled with candy, fruit, or seasonal, decorative items.
  • XL Wine Glass holds an entire 750ML Wine Bottle and More (27oz/800ml)
    A Great Gift for Those Who Like a Big Drink
    Made from Elegant Clear Blown Glass
    Hand Wash Recommended

I got my glass at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. You can get yours at


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