Saturday, August 8, 2015

Polly Plastics

Polly Plastics

I think that Polly Plastics is the next BIG thing in crafting. It just needs to be discovered and techniques developed.  Why, you can make anything!! ANYTHING at all from these little beads of easy meltable and malable plastic. Once you have a general shape, formed, it is easy to fine tune it and make it your own.
I am going to take you step by step through using Polly Plastics to make at push molds.
1) Heat water to a little bit higher than 160 degrees F
2) Put in approximate amount of polymer beads
3) Wait until the beads turn clear

4) Use a non-plastic tool to blend or your fingers
5) You could use silicon gloves.
6) Form shape I used push molds for some
7) Add jewels and glitter, etc. while still
8) Let cool. Paint/decorate
9) Show everyone what YOU made!!
10) Walk around like a smarty pants! lol









 The seller says: Polly Pellets Moldable Plastic is perfect for making plastic parts without injection molds or 2-part epoxy systems.  This Moldable Plastic is great for crafts, art projects, home repair, model making, toys, cosplay costumes & masks and prototyping. Use it to make custom parts, handles, grips, hooks, brackets and cases.

Just heat with hot water (>140 F) until they turn from white to clear.  You can then mold to any shape you like, by using your hands or using tools.  Upon cooling, they will be strong and permanent. If you change your mind, you can reheat it and modify until you get it right.  Complete instructions included.

Make colored parts by adding powder paint or alcohol dye (available at craft stores) to the molten pellets while you are working them. Alternately, you can paint or varnish the part after it has cooled. Since this plastic is so strong, you can drill it, sand it or superglue it to something else.  This 10 ounce container has enough plastic to form about a 2.5 inch culler.



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